Heavy Duty Towing

Roy’s Towing specializes in heavy-duty towing, catering to vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) surpassing 26,000 pounds and equipped with multiple axles underneath. Our dedicated service utilizes specialized trucks designed for handling these substantial loads with expertise and precision.

Heavy-duty towing, also referred to as heavy wrecker towing, addresses the unique needs of vehicles exceeding a GVWR of 26,000 pounds on roads, level shoulders, or other accessible surfaces. This demanding task necessitates the deployment of heavy wreckers, robust tow trucks explicitly engineered for managing the weight and size of such oversized vehicles. Roy’s Towing boasts a fleet of these heavy wreckers, ensuring our capability to tackle even the most challenging heavy-duty towing assignments.

When a vehicle surpasses the 26,000-pound GVWR threshold and requires towing, our prompt response involves dispatching our specialized heavy wreckers to the scene. These trucks feature enhanced towing capacity and specialized equipment, allowing them to handle the weight and dimensions of heavy vehicles effectively. Equipped with the necessary power and tools, our heavy wreckers excel in overcoming the unique challenges associated with towing substantial loads.

Our primary focus in heavy wrecker towing revolves around relocating vehicles positioned on roads, level shoulders, or other accessible surfaces. Be it a disabled truck, a commercial vehicle, or a large SUV, our heavy wreckers come fully equipped to tow these vehicles securely and safely to their intended destinations. The strength and stability of our heavy-duty tow trucks ensure that the towing process is executed without causing any additional damage to the vehicle or jeopardizing the safety of other road users.

To meet the specific demands of towing heavier vehicles, our heavy wreckers are outfitted with advanced features and specialized equipment. These enhancements include heavy-duty winches, reinforced frames, extended boom capabilities, and stabilizing outriggers. With these tools at our disposal, we offer secure towing solutions for heavy vehicles, even in challenging conditions like steep inclines or uneven terrain.

Additionally, our heavy wrecker towing service extends to the recovery of vehicles involved in accidents or those trapped in precarious situations. Whether a heavy vehicle is overturned, stuck in a ditch, or stranded in a difficult location, our heavy wreckers are deployed to facilitate the recovery process. Our highly skilled operators handle the situation with precision, safely and efficiently recovering the vehicle and positioning it upright or relocating it to a more accessible spot.

Safety remains our utmost priority in heavy wrecker towing. Our trained and experienced operators handle the heavy wreckers with meticulous care, strictly adhering to safety protocols. They assess each situation thoroughly, determine the appropriate towing techniques, and employ specialized rigging and towing attachments to lift and tow the heavy vehicle securely. This level of expertise and dedication to safety minimizes the risk of accidents or further damage during the towing operation.

Heavy-duty towing involves vehicles with a GVWR exceeding 26,000 pounds, often featuring multiple axles underneath. Roy’s Towing is fully equipped with the appropriate trucks and expertise to handle these heavy loads. Our heavy wrecker towing service plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of these larger vehicles, guaranteeing smooth traffic flow. With advanced features and skilled operators, we deliver a reliable and secure solution for heavy-duty towing and recovery operations on roads, level shoulders, or accessible surfaces.

Here’s What Our Client Say About Us

"Wow! Where do I start. I called Roy's towing, panicked because my food truck was stalled in a very busy intersection. Laney picked up, kindly listened to my woes, and then got a heavy out to get my truck. Chad was there in a heartbeat and got the truck out of traffic. He was as kind a driver we have ever met. Graciously put the truck in my drive and my traveling business was home. Thank you, Roy's Towing. You save the day."

Darrah Oswalt
They did a good job of moving my Harley just told me it would be an hour and half at 9:30pm and did show up until 2:45am. I missed work the next day staying up late to wait for them
John Allison
I was on the side of the road with a day cab and they had a 30 min response. I was met with a very polite gentleman and was impressed with the bill. No price gouging at all. Definitely a good place to do business with
Alicia Potter
Fast, friendly and professional, didn't waste anytime, didn't damage vehicle (means a lot!!). Made it look easy!! Will definitely use them again when I need a tow.
Edward B. Suarez

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